Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Prequel (Our Engagement Pictures)

I was SO excited to take our engagement pictures! We decided to do a fancier outfit and a casual outfit.  Although navy and peach (or salmon or coral or whatever it is) were not our wedding colors, I really wanted that dress and Ty really wanted that shirt, so we decided to have "engagement" colors...why not?
Wanting to do something different, we decided to do our pictures at Sand Hollow Reservoir in Southern Utah so we could get red rock as well as some water shots.  I love this part of the world!  Our photographer, Nicole, from NSW Photography has been one of my good friends since elementary school.  She takes AWESOME photos--she did all of our wedding pictures as well!

 First pose.
 I LOVE candid photos.  But, don't be fooled,
we aren't being as cute as we look in that moment.
I distinctly remember him making a women's
sports joke and I was telling him he sucked...
we're just sarcastic like that.

Forehead of my favorite things ever.

I love the desert!

Being the awkward person that I am, I was 
laughing throughout the whole shoot.

That sweet, pre-kiss moment.

 I loved this little spot that we found. I used to cliff jump
close by.
 Red Rock+Water=Bliss

 Red Rock+Water+This Man=Bliss Beyond Words

Add dancing into the equation and I might 
just die of happiness.

In fact, add dancing AND kissing 
into the equation and it's amazing
that I didn't just die of happiness
right then and there!

Nicole killed it with the lighting here! So perfect.

My husband in a V-neck...still gives me butterflies!

We were SO nervous about the ring on the
moving dock!

Ring Shot.

Off the it!

It took us WAY too long to find matching shoes...

He kept threatening to throw me in...
I wouldn't have complained! I LOVE the lake.

At least we got our feet in.


This is how we drive/sit/pray, I love holding 
his arm and laying my head on his shoulder.

And the dip..


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