Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Beautiful Details (AKA More Wedding Photos)

When we were planning our wedding and I would tell people that our colors were purple and teal, the most common reaction was:

"Oh! You mean like a peacock? Because his last name is Peacock?"

Well, maybe that was not why, and maybe it was an unintended coordination between color and animal/surname, but our wedding was absolutely beautiful.  We had SO many amazing friends and family members who dedicated so much time and talent to making things perfect while Tyler and I got by without hardly lifting a finger.  THEIR talent, not ours, really needs to be shared.

So, here are a few of the beautiful details that made everything perfect:

The rings

The bouquet

The shipiva bowtie and pocket square
(Shipiva is special embroidery pattern done by natives in the Amazon Basin)

The Luncheon Setting

The Inca Kola

Name Cards By Table
(There was a fart machine hidden under the cloth on one table. True Story.)
The doughnut cake.
Ya, we did.
The cake table

The mantle

Front View

Full View

The Line Backdrop

The Popcorn Bar

Close Up

Popcorn Toppings
(And Peruvian Candies)

Popcorn Bags

M&M's with our faces on them

We spray painted a vintage suitcase to hold our cards

The sentimental centerpiece.
The blue orchids

The Lemonade Bar

Polaroid Photo Booth

Guest Book

Did you notice the Peruvian flare we added to our wedding?
Tyler and I actually met while living in the Amazon Jungle of Peru.
True Story.
What on earth were we doing there, you ask?
Find out here.

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