Thursday, March 10, 2016

Valentine's Day BROquet

Sometimes, I really like to think about God's sense of humor.  Think about this, women like doing cutesy stuff, but men don't care too much about receiving it.  Men don't like cutesy stuff, but women like receiving cutesy stuff.  I'm so lucky to have Tyler who appreciates when I put effort into something and also does cutesy things for me.  Yeah, I've got it good.  Nonetheless, I like to give the cutesy things I do for him a bit of a manly twist, hence this broquet.
The big "roses" in the middle are ties that I bought on Amazon, everything else came from the Dollar Tree.
You Will Need:
Two ties
Styrofoam ball/ Disk
Crazy Straws
Any other decorations
Glue Gun
Bobby Pin/ Safety Pin


Glue straws to the back of treats.

Wrap ties around crazy straws to look like roses.  Secure with pin.

Place styrofoam ball or disk inside of the flower pot. 

Poke straws through styrofoam to arrange as desired.

If the styrofoam is showing through too much, you can cover it with ribbons, tinsel, etc.

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