Thursday, March 10, 2016

What Football Taught Me About Being a Good Wife

I had Fall Break a couple of weeks ago and I was super excited because it meant no work and no class.  Unfortunately, Tyler's school doesn't have Fall Break, so I was going to have a few days to myself.  Although I would rather have spent all my time with him, I was excited to do things around the house.  From Thursday to the following Monday, I was free.  I kept telling myself that not having thirteen-hour days would give me time to be a full-time wife.  
To me, taking time to be a wife meant doing the domestic things that I love.  Finally, I was going to unpack and wash all of our wedding gifts.  I was also going to hem Ty's pants, make freezer meals, deep clean the apartment, do the laundry, put cute little love notes in Ty's perfect, made-from-scratch lunches, etc.
Thursday morning was great.  Tyler's classes were a little bit later that day, so we slept in and then I made us a big breakfast.  Later that day, I did the laundry and made homemade french bread along with homemade butter.  I just kept thinking how nice it felt to finally have time to be a wife.
When Tyler got home later that afternoon, he reminded me that there was a football game the next day and I had excitedly agreed to camp out in line with him and his friends that night.  It's not a necessary thing to get into the game because we all have season tickets, but it's a bit of a tradition and it's the only way to get good seats.  Then, he asked if, since I was the only one on fall break (all of his friends also go to the other university in town), I could stay there the following day while they were all in classes.  Basically, I would be there for over twenty-four straight hours.  
I would do anything for my sweet husband, so of course I agreed.  But, I was sad that I was missing out on a day and half of being the wife I always want to be.
So, at six o'clock on Thursday night of my fall break, we headed to the football stadium where I would stay until late Friday night.  I tried to have a good attitude, but it was difficult.  I just wanted to be at home being a "good wife."
We set up our sleeping bags and talked with everyone.  Even in front of all of his single friends, Tyler kept cuddling with me, kissing me, and thanking me for being there. I started to have a better attitude. Later that night, I thought about how happy Tyler I had made Tyler.  Then, it hit me.
Being a good wife goes far beyond housekeeping. 
Of course, I already knew that.  But it never really hit home until that moment.  My motivation for being a good wife was to make Tyler happy.  Sure, he would have appreciated all of the things I wanted to do at home, but what he really wanted that night was a best friend.

Sometimes, the house doesn't look perfect.  The food is not homemade.  Heck, there might not even be food.  But, being a good wife means being with the man you love, supporting him, and having fun with him.  Sometimes, that's all he really needs.

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